Catch A Few Winks: Five Tips for More Successful Online Dating


Our 2-part Dating series is written by our guest blogger, Jenn.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re still single and looking to meet a special someone, it’s not too late to meet him or her… through online dating. In the past few years dozens of sites have popped up. As a veteran online dater, I’ve come across a handful of them, and sifted through tons of profiles people have written which has been an entertaining and frustrating experience at the same time! Writing the “perfect”, original profile doesn’t have to be effortful. Here are a few simple tips to catch the attention of that special someone and become a dating expert.

Avoid clichés… at any cost…
Be original. Somehow so many people write the exact same things on their profile. It starts to feel like you’re looking at some online dating template. Be original, so no more, “I work hard, play hard”, “I’m drama free”, and my favorite, “I’m just looking for my best friend”.

Don’t Wait
Ladies, I’m talking to you! Too many of us sit back and wait for the guy to initiate initial contact. I’ve been guilty of this too, but if you see someone who looks interesting, then don’t be afraid to send them a casual hello. It shows confidence, not desperation, and guys like confident women!

Be Flexible
By being flexible I’m not saying you should settle, but does a guy really need to be at least 5” taller than you? Or guys, does a girl really need to be at least 5” shorter than you? There’s no perfect person out there. Rethink some areas you’re willing to let go and be more realistic about what you’re looking for. Doing this will open you up to a bunch of fabulous guys and girls you’d probably overlook!

Patience IS a virtue
Finding someone online takes a lot of time. This is probably one of the most frustrating things fellow online daters will attest to. If a potential match doesn’t get back to you right away, try not to fixate. Contact other people! Online dating is a numbers game and by contacting multiple people you find interesting will help you not to focus all your attention and invest way too much early onto one person.

HotterOnlineSelfies are not enough
Tons of people LOVE posting selfies of themselves on their profiles. No selfies! Okay, maybe a couple, but selfies are not enough!!! Don’t misrepresent yourself! Post a variety of pictures of yourself, especially pictures that show what your body looks like. People can tell when someone is trying to hide their body when you avoid full-body pictures. Also, make sure to include pictures of just yourself. Tons of people will post pictures of themselves with their girlfriends or with a group of friends, which is usually fine – just make sure you can be recognized and are not hiding in the background somewhere! Guys are especially guilty of this but AVOID posting pictures of yourself with your ex. Potential matches do not want to be reminded of your dating past!


Boys image from Homies In Heaven via Flickr

Hotter Online image from Cali4Beach via Flickr

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