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It’s one of the classic Halloween costumes: ghost, witch, devil…and of course, vampire. But this tried and true Halloween costume is older than Dracula. So, how do you rock the vampire costume and not be boring? We’ve got the one simple tip you can use to take your vampire costume to the next level.

Give your vampire a backstory!

Put some life into your vampire by coming up with a cool backstory and then customizing your costume along those lines. What time period did your vampire come from? How did you die? Did you know anyone famous?

Still stumped? Let’s make a Mad-Libs game out of it:

My vampire is from (favorite city in the world) and lived during (the decade you were born, the century of your choice), who died due to (your greatest fear).

That should give you a start!¬†And if you’re wondering, I would be a vampire from Florence, from 1880 who died from a mega-spider bite.

Or, borrow a backstory from one of your favorite vampire movies, TV shows or books! “True Blood” vampires cry blood, “Twilight” vampires sparkle, “Buffy” vampires have evil yellow eyes. Take your pick and commit to it!

One last route–perhaps your favorite long, lost celebrity was actually never gone, but was a vampire the whole time! This is also a clever way to get two Halloween costumes ready for those busy years when you have multiple parties to go to, or a fun way to upcycle an older costume you have lying around!

Now let’s hear from you: who are your favorite vampires? What extra little touches will you add to your vampire costume this year?


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