Telenovela Murder Mystery Party

Want to throw your own Telenovela themed Murder Mystery Party? It’s easy! Just start by downloading the following script and instructions, and soon you and your friends will be starring in your own ridiculous, hilarious, and dramatic telenovela!

In this murder mystery game, you and your friends have been invited to a lavish party at the home of the wealthy Herdez family. The Se?or has invited all of you to make a very important announcement. Unfortunately, as you will soon discover, before the announcement is made, Se?or Herdez is found murdered in his office during the party…and everyone is a suspect!

This murder mystery is perfect for a cocktail party for group of about 15-18 guests. Each guest will get a character assigned to them. Who is the murderer? That will remain a mystery until the day of the party!

This party kit contains a zip file with 2 PDFs, and includes everything you need for the perfect telenovela murder mystery:

  • a cast list for 15 characters and 3 “extras”
  • a guide for the party host
  • cue cards with tasks for each character
  • a script for an hour and a half of murder mystery fun
  • Bonus: get fun fiesta decorating ideas right here!
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