Sunday Crafternoons


January is kind of a bummer.  I long for the days when I used to look forward to my birthday month, but that star is fading.  FAST.

Let’s consider the factors that make January the redheaded stepsister of December.  You’re broke, it’s been cold for a while (at least where I am) so, you’re over the winter blush and who knows when the next big party is in store.  Let’s consider the great things about January: a return to normalcy and 54 weekends on the horizon.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy your weekend in two parts.  On Friday evenings and Saturdays anything goes (almost.)  For me that usually consists of an activity (SEE: museum or gallery crawl, shopping, gym misadventure or errands) followed by a boozy dinner and bar parking (vs. hopping.)  My Sundays are devoted to resting and tidying up for the week.  It’s so domestic it’s almost avant-garde.  If I’m lucky, I can entice some friends to join me in my retro ways and my day morphs into a Sunday crafternoon.

Sunday crafternoons are a thing, guys.  You know how you sometimes watch a home improvement show and say, “I could totally make that?”  And then you actually take that first step and stockpile your cart at Michaels, but you forget to follow through and it all ends up sitting in a corner in your closet for like, ever?  WELL, this is your chance to put those D.I.Y. supplies to work.  Invite friends over and pull out the hibernating glitter, fabric, steel pipe, etc. and make some stuff with one hand while nursing a mimosa in the other.  It’s a great way to be productive while catching up and keeping things low-key and low budget.

Maybe you have super crafty friends, maybe not.  This could be the perfect opportunity for all of you to finally learn how to knit.  You can suggest an activity or ask that each person bring his/her own.  You never know, this may turn into a Sunday tradition for you and your circle.  (Tip: B.Y.O. scissors.)












Craft Ideas:


Watercolor art


Knitting projects




Handmade stationary


Paper mosaics


Photos via Flickr

Watercolor photo courtesy of cernaovec

Terrarium photo courtesy of GreeneryNYC 

Frida Kahlo mosaic courtesy of Salvation Art

Wendy Cortez

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