Happy New Year! Yes Totally’s 2013 in Review

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  • 1 January, 2014
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So here we are at the end of 2013. We hope you all have lovely plans to ring in 2014. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed our own advice and managed to get sick, so I’ll be watching the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest, his teeth and a little bit of champagne. The girls at YT decided to take a peek back at 2013 and review our favorite and not so favorite parts of the year. Maybe you’ll agree?


Happy New Year! So fun. Wow.

Best TV Moment:
AS: The season finale of “Breaking Bad.” The show put my emotions through the ringer, but it was totally worth it.

KH: The last 8 episodes of “Breaking Bad” killed it. From Walt’s ‘tread lightly’ to the heartbreaking ‘Ozymandias’ to the tones of ‘Baby Blue.’ I laughed, I cried. It was great TV. Runner up: Khaleesi frees all the slaves. Reborn as Mother of Slaves.


VW: The entire series of “Borgen.” I can’t think of a particular scene, but any time Birgitte and Katrine are riding bikes, that is awesome.

How cute is the PM?

How cute is the PM?

The final, heartbreaking scene on “Bunheads,” in which Ginny confesses to Michelle that she has lost her virginity to Frankie, who possibly doesn’t know her
name, but before doing so, asks Michelle, who just had an intense but ultimately pointless audition, if she’s OK, and only after that breaks down in her arms. (Thanks
to Slate’s Willa Paskin for reminding me of the details of this greatness. Bunheads, we hardly knew ye.)

Worst TV Moment:
AS: The Red Wedding episode of “Game of Thrones.” It genuinely took about 2 and a half weeks for me to recover.

KH: When Lady Sybil died on “Downton Abbey.” Hold up, she died, wut? THEN MATTHEW DIES AND I’M ALL ‘WHAT!?!?!?’

Well-dressed widows

Well-dressed widows

VW: In “Orange Is the New Black,” when Piper Chapman criticizes chef Red’s cooking and ends up being served a bloody tampon sandwich. Nuff said.

Most Awesome Movie You Saw:
AS: I didn’t watch a lot of movies this year, but I really enjoyed “This is the End”–it was funny without trying to hard and had an amazing cast.

KH: I’m going with Catching Fire. I had low expectations, but enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. it actually made me really look forward to Mockingjay.

VW: Gravity


The Worst DIAF Movie You Saw:
AS: “Pacific Rim”–admittedly, I was watching it in the wrong context–at home, alone, without friends to make snarky comments with, so it just felt annoying.


Robots vs. Monsters

KH: You know what, I really try not to watch shitty movies that are annoying. Like Movie 43 or Grown Ups 2. Those are expected to be shitty. I hate it when I see a movie that I had high hopes for and found it shitty. So my two picks are for Oblivion and Ender’s Game. They aren’t bad DIAF movies per se, but they could have been so much better. UGH.

VW: Even after looking up what this means, I don’t think I have a good answer for this.  Oh wait! I saw the film “Sinister,” with Ethan Hawke, that involved a series of families being brutally murdered and recorded on Super 8 (even tho it is set, like, now). It made no sense. But I still can’t erase the image of one of the families hanging from a tree.

Kid in a box

Kid in a box

Best/Most Compelling News Story:
AS: SF’s BatKid melted my heart. Like I needed more reasons to love my city…

KH: Wendy Davis leads an amazing filibuster and ACA is here to stay!

Lady Badass

Lady Badass

VW: Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and dismisses CA ban on gay marriage.

Worst/Saddest News Story:
AS: A teenager from Texas struck and killed a family while driving drunk. His defense? He was too rich and spoiled to know better–he suffered from “affluenza.” Barf.

KH: So many. Such a sad year. Philippine typhoon, Trayvon Martin, Syrian War, Boston Marathon bombing …


VW: Boston Marathon bombing, Philippines typhoon.

I Couldn’t Get Enough of This Song This Year:
AS: “Wrecking Ball”–it struck a chord with people. For me, I was won over with this amazing parody. When a song, good or bad, can bond people together, I can’t help but love it.

KH: Oh man, “Get Lucky” is STILL my jam.

VW: This is from 2009 (sorry) but discovered by me this year (It seems I didn’t listen to any new music this year). It is my cutest current obsession:

This Song Could Go To Hell in 2013:
AS: “Roar.” Stop yelling at me, Katy!

KH: “Hey Ho”. I get it, Lumineers. You’re twee and in a well lit barn wearing a stupid hat. Cool. Oh wait, that’s Mumford and Sons. Oh wait, that’s Of Monsters and Men. Oh wait, that’s Bon Iver…

VW: See previous questions. But just based on the whole twerking incident and the fact that he seems like a giant sexist a-hole, I am going to go with “Blurred Lines” by icky Robin Thicke.

Which Celeb Needed to be Reaped in a Real Life Version of the Hunger Games in 2013?
AS: Justin Bieber. If anyone is actually suffering from “affluenza” it’s this kid. We’d do well to cleanse our gene pool before he breeds.

KH: The Kardashians, all of them. Round them up. Bruce, Brody, Kendall. Grab Kanye too. Geezus.

VW: Miley Cyrus. (See previous!)

My Celeb Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 2013:
AS: Tom Hiddleston, because reasons.


KH: Jennifer Lawrence. Because well, she’s our best friend. Duh.


VW: She is not a real person but the PM from Borgen. For real people, Pope Francis.

Something You Discovered This Year That You Love:
AS: Porcupines! They’re too cute. I really, really want one as a pet. I’m not 100% sure it’s legal, but I’m also not 100% sure it’s NOT legal.

KH: Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls 5. Totally late to the party, but I picked up an on-sale copy in March and am STILL playing. I am NEVER going to get through all the Assassin’s Creeds and new Tomb Raider at this rate.


VW: Starbucks mochas. Never drank coffee till about a year ago; now I am addicted to them.

My Favorite Part of 2013:
AS: The girls of Yes, Totally for their contributions to the blog. Here’s to an awesome 2014!!

KH: Getting to go home to Hawaii twice this year and growing our little blog. Happy 2014!

VW: Moving in with the boyfriend! Publishing a chapbook. Taking taiko lessons. Walking up the stairs to Coit Tower every day (OK, not quite, but a lot).

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