Unique Side Dishes to Bring to Your Summer BBQ

If you’re anything like me, you can’t show up to a BBQ without bringing something along with you. Some people bring meat or veggies to grill, but I like to bring along a side-dish.

Green Deviled Eggs and Ham

It’s probably because I usually to starve myself in anticipation of the food fest, and by the time I get there, I am ready to eat the curtains! I just like knowing that there’s something I can nibble on while the rest of the food cooks up, and if the other guests happen to enjoy it, too, well that’s just a bonus!

Sure, there’s the standard BBQ side-dishes: mac n’ cheese, potato salad, even chips and dip. But honestly, after so many years of BBQ’s that can be boring. And what if you show up to the party with the same side-dish as someone else! How embarrassing! (Just kidding, honestly, I’d be thrilled! That’s twice as much food to nosh on!)

So I’ve done a little research, and I made a quick list of delicious and unique side-dishes that would be great to bring to any summer BBQ:

Grilled Halloumi with Watermelon

BBQ Bean Salad: This isn’t your standard bean salad, it has BBQ sauce already in it. That’s going to go well on top of any meat that comes off the grill.

Maple Syrup Corn Bread: It isn’t a real BBQ without corn bread, and this corn bread has a surprise inside: maple syrup! That’s gonna be awesome the next day for breakfast…if there are any left over!

Grilled Halloumi and Watermelon: What’s halloumi? It’s a really delicious, firm and salty cheese that you can grill. You heard me: Cheese you can put directly on grill. Cook it until it blisters, and eat it with some watermelon. Yum!

Peach Pulled Pork: Every good BBQ recipe has a secret ingredient, and the peaches in this slow cooker recipe will add a thick sweet syrup to your pulled pork sandwiches.

Green Deviled Eggs and Ham: I love deviled eggs–they are the perfect BBQ side-dish because they are delicious and you don’t need a plate to eat them.? Add avocado and bacon (and the whimsy of Dr. Seuss) and you’ll have a real winner.

Brownie Kabobs

And, of course, we can’t forget about dessert:

Brownie “kabobs”: These kabobs are so adorable. If you aren’t the best at baking, you can save yourself some aggravation and use store-bought brownies. They would look just as good, and of course would still taste fantastic.

What about you, what do you usually bring to a BBQ? Would you be willing to try any of these side dishes?



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