How to Throw an Awesome Oscar Party

  • By Kim
  • 19 February, 2013
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It’s Oscar time! This weekend all the beautiful people will don their triple Spanx and sit around a large theater looking fabulous/terrible. And, we the plebs, will watch them, all while commenting on how great/awful they look. It’s fun!

Half the fun is watching with some friends, so Oscar parties are becoming more and more common. I’ve thrown several Oscar viewing parties in my time and am here to help make your night fabulous. So, practice your best poses and read on.

Work that leg, girl!

1.) Decide on what kind of party you want to have. Oscar parties are great fun because they can range from the VERY fancy to the VERY trashy. Some people like to throw sit-down dinner parties where their guest dress up. Then after dinner, everyone removes to the sitting room where they offer cigars and drinks for the viewing. It’s very Downton Abbey, but with a 42 inch television. Then, there are the casual parties where some friends order some pizza and sit around gossiping during the speeches. Decide on what kind of party you want to have and let your guests know.

2.) Plan a menu. Depending on the kind of party you are having, this could be as easy as getting pizza or Chinese food menus. Sit down dinner parties require a little more prep work, so as with any party, try to get as much work done ahead of time. My previous Oscar parties are very casual and served buffet style. My guests are strewn around the living room with plates of food on their laps or the coffee table, so I try to make it easy for them to eat.

2a.) (Optional) Get in some themed food. Since it’s an Oscar party, I theme my menu around it. Taking some punny cues from Dinner and a Movie, I like to name my dishes things that related to the nominees. Ex: Cinderella Mandarin Chicken (Cinderella Man), Baby Brokeback Ribs (Brokeback Mountain), There Will Be Blood Orange Minosas, and even Marisa Tomei-to sauce with Sean Penne Pasta. These are all things I’ve served.

I would also kiss Halle Berry if I ever won an Oscar.

3.) Glam up the drinks. If you can’t get fab on Oscar night, I’m not sure when else you can. Even if you are sitting around with pizza, it’s nice to have it with some fun cocktails. Or if you don’t feel like playing mixologist, you can always whip up some easy drinks like mimosas or make a batch of sangria. No need to spend a ton on champagne. There are tons of perfectly delicious sparkling wines and proseccos found at a reasonable price.

4.) Bring out the competition in your guests. Print out the ballots and have your guests fill them out before the broadcast. It’s interesting to see what people pick based on their preferences and/or buzz they’ve heard. Have everyone keep track of their scores throughout the show and at the end tally up who predicted the winners correctly. Winner gets bragging rights. I’ve also occasionally given out small prizes – A Trader Joe’s chocolate bar, a bag of microwavable popcorn etc.

Have fun and see you at the movies!


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