Grab your Crossbows – The Walking Dead Returns on 10/13

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  • 10 October, 2013
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Whew. Without Breaking Bad and Mad Men, Sundays were in danger of becoming boring. Happily, the Walking Dead returns at just the right time to deliver a welcome back crossbow bolt between the eyes. Sorry Low Winter Sun; up your game.

Recap of Season 3:

Our camp of happy prisoners went though hell in Season 3. First, Rick pretended to be a doctor and hacked off Hershel’s walker-diseased leg. Then Maggie had to perform the grossest emergency Cesarean on Lori to save her unborn baby. Lori bites the dust and Carl mans up to shoot his mom in the head before she turns. Rick can’t cope with his wife’s death and starts hallucinating that she’s still alive.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne discover the seemingly perfect town of Mayberry Hill Valley Sunnydale Woodbury. This haven seems to be well secured, due to the control-freak tendencies of a man called The Governor. And, oh dayum. Look who’s also in Woodbury: Merle, who is now the proud owner of a stabby knife hand. Merle manages to capture Glenn and Maggie while they are on a supply run and takes them back to Woodbury as Michonne silently watches.

The prison crew stages a raid on Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Michonne goes off on her own and tries to kill The Governor, but only manages to put out one of his eyes with a shard of glass. (Ick!) The rescue is successful, but now The Governor is hella pissed. I mean wouldn’t you be if someone just ruined your quaint and charming town? He had wine and everything! He now wants to have a war with Rick and The Prisonettes. Not even some sweet Andrea lovin’ is going to stop him from getting his war! Since her feminine wiles are not persuading The Governor to calm down, she arranges a mediation. The Governor sets his terms: he will not machine gun them to death if Rick hands over Michonne. But the joke’s on him! Even if Rick hands her over, The Governor is still planning to kill them all since he wants to be the only bossman around these here parts. He even traps Andrea in his uber-creepy torture chamber to make sure she doesn’t run off to warn the prison group.

Rick sends Michonne to Woodbury as a decoy while Merle snipes all these nameless Woodbury thugs. Merle just misses killing The Governor and in turn gets shot himself. Poor Darryl witnesses his pitiful walker brother and kills him for good while sobbing. Aww! The Governor stabs his former henchman, Milton, and leaves him to die and reanimate in Andrea’s torture chamber. What a psycho! That loose end tied up, The Governor and his Woodbury fighters try to assault the prison, but instead get ambushed. DUH. You are on prison turf. Did you bring a map? The Woodbury militia are all, “we give up. Let’s go home and have more zombie death matches.” But The Governor hates wusses, so he guns them all down and drives away with his two remaining henchmen. The prison group makes their way to Woodbury where they find a dead, zombified Milton, and a bitten Andrea. Andrea kills herself with Rick’s gun so that she doesn’t turn, while Michonne cries sad warrior tears for her. Rick leads some remaining Woodbury residents to the prison. I hope they’ve cleared enough cells!

Now that we’re all caught up, what’s coming up for Season 4?

Here’s the extended Comic-Con trailer for Season 4. Warning – Potential Season 4 spoilers in the trailer and commentary!

Things we can guess from the trailer:

- Killing walkers is like a morning chore. 1.) Wake up. 2.) Wash face. 3.) Do dishes. 4.) Kill walkers with a spike. 5.) Harvest vegetables.

- Michonne and her katana got themselves a horse. Hells yeah.

- Oh shit! Walkers in the yard! Walkers in the cell block! Walkers trying to kill babies!

- Darryl’s still badass. No surprises there.

- Good to see another Wire alum added to the cast. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (D’Angelo Barksdale from the Wire) is a reoccurring character named Bob Stookey. You’re not alone, Cutty!

- I don’t want to see anymore of Glenn and Maggie sexing. It’s like seeing your little brother making out. Noooooo.

- Someone is traitor, you guuuuys! The prison isn’t safe anymore? They’ll have to leave to find a new home?

- Where’s The Governor? Is he still driving around like some mad pirate captain of the Atlanta suburbs?


The Walking Dead returns to AMC TV on Sunday, October 13th at 9/8C

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