Yes Totally’s Holiday Party Playlist on Spotify


** Tracks not included in playlist. Try not to be too disappointed.**

Hello Christmas kitties! How are you holding up? The mad crush of the Christmas season is finally here and everything seems more stressful than ever. Presents to wrap, cards to send, shopping I haven’t even started yet …

Send help and sparkling wine! *sobs*

We’re sure you are up to your tinsel in a holiday tizzy, so we’re helping you out in one aspect of your life – music. Since you’re reading Yes Totally, there is  good chance that you’re holding some kind of holiday gathering. It could be a house or office party, a family dinner or even an open house. Whatever the occasional, you’re going to need a little bit of cheery mood music to keep the party caroling along. Just put on our playlist and your party-goers will soon be complimenting you on how awesome your party is. Another thing to check off the list. Enjoy!

Yes Totally’s Holiday Party Playlist: 28 tracks – 1 hour, 30 minutes


Partridge Family Christmas album image via Jacob Whittaker, Flickr

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