Someone Alert Carson – Downton Abbey Returns in January

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  • 3 December, 2012
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Dust off those large hats, ladies! Beloved British costume drama Downton Abbey will be back on January 6th, 2013! We haven’t seen the Crawley family and their hard-working staff since the Season 2 Christmas special (pictured above.) Season 3 has already aired in the UK, so US fans are chomping at the bit for more costume and drama porn. To celebrate (and recap), PBS is rerunning Season 2 episodes every weekend until the Season 3 premiere.

If you haven’t seen Season 2 or Season 3, be warned – MAJOR S2 and MINOR S3 SPOILERS AHEAD!

I’m here, bitches.

Season 3 picks up a few months after the Season 2 finale. We learned in the Christmas special that Branson and Lady Sybil are expecting a baby. Poor Mr. Bates has been sent to jail for the murder of his ex-wife, Vera, despite his innocence and testimony from Earl Grantham. Best of all, Lady Mary has dumped her assface fianc?, Ser Jorah Mormont Richard Carlisle, who was about to reveal to the world that she had a spot of rumpy-pumpy with gorgeous Turkish ambassador Pamuk. She’s also confessed her indiscretion to Matthew, who decides that he doesn’t care if she’s been slutty and proposes to her anyway. So what can we expect in Season 3?

Cora’s mother comes to town. One of the big reveals prior to Season 3 being released was that Shirley MacLaine would be guest starring. She’s playing Cora’s overbearing mother from America. I’m dying for a Shirley MacLaine vs. Maggie Smith stinging quip war. These two actresses are both so great on their own that the show might implode from awesomeness when they are together.

Will Matthew and Mary get married? We know that M&M were supposed to get married in Season 1, but that all went to pot when Matthew backed out over a misunderstanding. It would sort of be ridiculous if they broke their engagement again, but you never know at Downton. I mean, short of the Spanish flu striking again, it seems like there will finally be a wedding.

Will Mr. Bates be proven innocent? I’m pretty sure he will. Mr Bates and Anna are the moral core of the show. They will always do the right, honorable thing, so I’m sure Bates will be back at Downton soon enough. If he’ll still be the valet is to be seen. Thomas is likely not going to give up the spot easily.

Birth of Baby Branson! Good dramas always have extensive birth scenes full of yelling. Downton will probably have one as well. I can’t see Sybil having her baby offscreen in Ireland, so she’ll come back to Downton somehow. Yay! There should be some good tense scenes with the new Crawley in-law, Branson. Will he have a showdown with the current chauffeur? Hey, who is the chauffeur now anyway?

More of the usual shenanigans, please. Bring on the new characters to shake up life at the house! New maids and footmen would change the dynamic downstairs. More secret cousins appearing? Will Edith get a man this year? Maybe another dignitary or neighboring aristocrat will drop by. I’m not too familiar with history in that era, but when I think of the 20s, I think about flappers, jazz and the woman’s suffrage movement. You know, where girls stopped wearing corsets and started getting more independent. Edith and Sybil seem like the kind of girls who would embrace this new era, so I’m expecting more commentary on the modernization of the world. The Dowager Countess does not approve.

Downton Abbey appears on your local PBS affiliate on Sunday evenings as a part of Masterpiece.

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