6 James Bond Movies to Check Out on Netflix Instant Watch

The new James Bond movie, SkyFall,? is opening on Friday. Early reviews have said that it may be the best Daniel Craig Bond movie yet. YES. I am down for that, ladies. I’m hoping for more shirtless action and I’m pretty sure you are too.

Having grown up in the 80′s, my James Bond exposure was very limited. Sure, I’d heard of the name, knew he was a cool British spy, but that was about it. I vaguely remember the hype about finding “the Next Bond” (Timothy Dalton) and then promptly turned back to my Barbies. After all, what was James Bond to my 7-year-old self? I was more concerned about when Jem and the Holograms was going to be on TV.

My first REAL exposure to James Bond was him:

Hello, Meestah Bond.

Total babe. Thus began my lifelong anglophilia. James Bond Jr. was a fun animated series based loosely on James Bond lore. Junior was not Bond’s son, but his nephew who spied and fought crime all while looking cool and going to prep school. My affection for the franchise was secured based on a cartoon. Well, that and Pierce Brosnan in a tux a few years later in GoldenEye.

Luckily, we live in the future where information is delivered to us at the touch of a few buttons and I can catch up on the classics. All 23 official James Bond movies are readily accessible for your viewing consumption. Here are a few picks for James Bond movies to check out on Netflix Instant Watch:

From Russia With Love: Such a good Bond movie with all the classic Bond elements (cars, action, women, villains and gadgets). This movie’s strength is its intelligent script, based on Ian Fleming’s novel.? Sean Connery is in top form -? charming, macho and brutal. Compared to Dr. No, it’s a bit grittier, and more realistic. It’s held up very well compared to some of the other Connery films (side eyes to Diamonds Are Forever).

It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force... but by our skills with a lightsaber.

The Man With the Golden Gun: Oh god. This is such a weird Bond movie, but it’s fun to compare against better movies like From Russia with Love or GoldFinger. This film is very divisive. Many fans feel that overall, this is the worst Bond movie ever, but you’ve got others that say that Francisco Scaramanga is the best Bond villain. Anyway, you’ve got Roger Moore as Bond fighting Christopher Lee as Saruman Scaramanga. There’s all this weird Bruce Lee-type martial arts going on and then Herv? Villechaize walks out and you’re all, “what is going on, bro.” But holy crap does Britt Ekland look good in a bikini. Check it out and see for yourself.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Starring the shortest-lived Bond, George Lazenby. According to Wikipedia, Lazenby quit the role due to disagreements with the producers prior to the film’s release. So sad. We could have been looking at the pretty for so many more years. Anyway, OHMSS is a great Bond movie. There are both ski and car chases and I believe it’s the only movie where Bond MARRIES the girl. That girl happens to be Diana Rigg, so Lazenby’s Bond was smart enough to lock it down with her. The movie also holds a special place in my heart since it’s the one where Joanna Lumley (AbFab’s Patsy Stone) is one of Blofeld’s Angels of Death.

GoldenEye: Pierce Brosnan is what my mind thinks James Bond should look and sound like. I grew up watching Remington Steele and he always seemed like a good choice. Brosnan’s Bond is a good mix of Connery’s ruthlessness, Moore’s lightness, with natural charm and charisma thrown in. Anyway, GoldenEye is his best portrayal and a solid action movie. We get a cheeky Bond girl name and it’s also the introduction of Judi Dench as M. Actually, the whole supporting cast is excellent. Alan Cumming, Robbie Coltrane, and even Sean Bean. Needless to say, Sean Bean continues his tradition of dying.

The Living Daylights: This is Timothy Dalton’s entry into the genre. The filmmakers and Dalton attempted to give some weight and depth to the James Bond character. We saw Bond’s darker side and we get glimpses of what he would be like when not in spy mode. Ultimately, audiences didn’t go for it. Maybe because Bond is not a super deep character – he’s a projection of the glamorous spy, fantasy lifestyle. Or maybe because we don’t want such a serious James Bond? – we want him to charm us more. Anyway, The Living Daylights is not a bad movie. It brought back the danger and espionage element lost to some of the later Roger Moore films.

Sexy and I know it.

Casino Royale: The Great Reboot. Before this film came out in 2006, people wondered how filmmakers could make it work. The Bond franchise seemed stilted. The last few Brosnan Bond movies seemed formulaic. They didn’t stand out from other blockbuster action movies – didn’t seem like an ‘event’. Then people went nuts when they heard of casting Daniel Craig. A BLONDE BOND?!?! How can that be?! DOOOM! And then Casino Royale opened and everyone shut up. The movie was terrific, showing how Bond became a double-0. Craig portrayed Bond similarly to Dalton – cold and a ruthless killing machine, yet he’s been hurt before and he cares about right and wrong. Casino Royale might be a bit too violent for some, but this is probably the closest portrayal to Ian Fleming’s vision of James Bond.

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