Decorations and Ideas for a Hollywood Theme Party

In a few weeks I am hosting a Hollywood party with some friends. It’s actually a Hollywood murder mystery party, but these decorating ideas will work for any kind of Hollywood themed party.

A Red Carpet Entrance

I love this red carpet door panel decoration that makes it look like you are about to walk on to a red carpet. This would be great to hang on your door right before guests walk in. Follow it up with a red carpet runner. It’s plastic, so be careful with guests who have heels! You might want to tape it down with painters tape for safety.

You’re a Star

If you have the time and resources, one fun idea is to give every guest their own Hollywood Star. Get golden star cutouts at any party supply store, or make them using cardboard and gold spray paint. Paste a photo (or “headshot”) of each guest into their own star and finish it off with their name in lights (or…glitter)! Post these up around the room for that old Hollywood vibe.

Smile for the Camera!

I know they’re kind of cheesy, but I really love photo backdrops. Not only does it spice up an entire wall of your home’s interior, but it’s a great incentive for people to pose for photos. This Hollywood backdrop is the perfect decoration for any Hollywood theme party.


Who says popcorn garland only has to be for Christmas? They are easy and fun to make, and add a whimsical touch to your party. Or, you can use these fun movie theater style popcorn containers for your Hollywood party snacks.
What about you? What Hollywood theme party decorations are you thinking of using?

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