Decorating for a Fiesta!

Whether it’s Cinco de Mayo, or a Murder Mystery party, it’s all about the festive fiesta details! For my Telenovela Murder Mystery Party, I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate. I literally ran into Party City on my way to the house the morning of Cinco de Mayo, and grabbed whatever was left. I got pretty lucky too, because the decorations really helped set the mood!

The key pieces were definitely the bright and colorful blanket that we draped over the couch, and the fiesta garlands. The pretty (plastic) margarita glasses also didn’t hurt!! We topped it off with some pretty streamers, a glitter fringe banner, and a few paper fans, and we had a party!

I was able to track down most of the items I used on the Party City website:

Hopefully this will inspire you if you decide to host the Murder Mystery party. The decorations definitely helped everyone get into character!

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