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Fight Winter Gloom with the 6 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now

As the weather outside gets colder, you’re probably less and less inclined to brave the cold and go out. So if you’re looking for a low-key movie night, try one … Continue Reading →

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Washing Hands Avoid Cold & Flu

How to Avoid Catching a Cold or Flu From Family and Friends

Whether you like it or not, we’re in the middle of cold and flu season. It can be hard to avoid getting sick, especially when a friend or loved one … Continue Reading →

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Green Deviled Eggs and Ham

Unique Side Dishes to Bring to Your Summer BBQ

If you’re anything like me, you can’t show up to a BBQ without bringing something along with you. Some people bring meat or veggies to grill, but I like to … Continue Reading →

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Easy Nail Art Using Temporary Tattoos

I’m always looking for easy ways to get fantastic looking nails. So when I saw this idea on the CutePolish YouTube page, I just had to try it! You know … Continue Reading →

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Good First Date Ideas: Where To Go On a First Date

Hooray! You got up the nerve to ask out the guy or girl you’ve been eyeing. Hard part’s over, right? Right. Kinda. Now that you’ve landed the date, you probably … Continue Reading →

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A Yes, Totally “Thank You” to BFFs

I wanted to take a moment and thank all the BFFs out there. Besties are single-handedly responsible for keeping 99% of the population sane, happy, and healthy. It’s a fact!* … Continue Reading →

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Color Jeans: A Bright Summer Trend

I’m obsessed with colored jeans. The brighter the better. I was intimidated at first, I’ll admit, but after giving it a try, I want a pair in every color in … Continue Reading →

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